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Masculine Grace
Zorba's masculine grace and beauty!
Experience that which much of the world has forgotten in recent centuries: masculine grace and masculine beauty of a rare male practitioner of the ancient art of "Belly Dance". Zorba is known for his beautiful and mesmerizing veil dancing, his "blistering" finger cymbal playing, his smooth and flowing dance technique, and his sense of humor!

Zorba's performances are always "G-Rated", suitable for the entire family. Available for Birthdays, Bridal Showers, Weddings, and other special events. A male Belly Dancer is a tasteful alternative to the "traditional" stripper at bachelorette parties. Zorba's mesmerizing and sensual, but never sexual or vulgar style will leave you captivated!

A belly dance performance is a LOT of fun, for both the performer and the audience! Although written from the (far more common) feminine position, this Link opens in new window off page article by well known Belly Dancer Shira is a very good introduction to how an audience can respond to, and have fun with their Belly Dancer!
Zorba with Shemadan
The legendary Shemadan
dance is an option!

Thank you for considering Zorba to perform at your event. Please fill out this brief form and Zorba will contact you as soon as possible! Non performance related communications, please use E-mail.

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Best Time to Call:

Time/Date of Event:

Type of Event:

Bridal Shower
Baby Shower

* Zorba will gladly perform at your bachelorette party, but will need to discuss the performance with the hostess.

Location of Event:

North Brevard (Rockledge, Cocoa, Merritt Island, Titusville, Mims, etc)
South Brevard (Melbourne, Satellite Beach, Palm Bay, etc)
Greater Orlando area.

** Please realize that out of area bookings may involve considerable travel expenses! Smile! Zorba may be able to refer you to a male Belly Dancer closer to your location.

Anything else Zorba should know?:

I understand that Zorba performs only the ancient art of Belly Dance, and does NOT remove his clothes ("Stripping") nor, in common with most other Belly Dancers, perform for any all-male audiences. Sorry ladies, Zorba is VERY happily married!

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