Zorba, Male Belly Dancer

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Zorba is well known for his beautiful veilwork!

Do you want to take your dancing to the next level? Zorba is available for specialty workshops and one-on-one coaching.

All coaching sessions held at a recognized studio (Dance, Martial Arts, Gym) mutually agreed upon by Zorba and the student, subject to availability.

Contact Zorba for more information!

Workshop: When Good Veils Go Bad, Overcoming "Veil Phobia"

"My veils laugh at me behind my back!"
"My veil is NOT my friend!"
"I love my veil, but it doesn't love me!"
"Veil dancing scares me!"

If these or similar sentiments are stopping you from being the beautiful veil dancer you want to be, then this workshop is for you. Not a strict technique workshop (although there'll be plenty of technique!), this workshop focuses on the seldom taught skills of what to do when things go wrong with your veil. How to recover from "veil disasters" and look beautiful doing it! How to prevent/minimize veil disasters in the first place. Understanding the true nature of the veil, and how to interact with it - lovingly.

50% lecture/demonstration, 50% hands-on

Workshop: Musical Finger Cymbal Playing

Let's face it, playing finger cymbals is not easy, and many dancers struggle with them. Adding to this is the unfortunate fact that the "one size fits all" method usually taught doesn't work for everyone. Zorba teaches finger cymbals from a musical standpoint; learn to feel how to play, and listen to the music to interweave your playing with it intuitively, without having to memorize numeric sequences or tiresome mantras. Zorba teaches and uses both the usual Arabic style as well as the not as commonly encountered Turkish technique. This workshop will take you to the next level and will give you the tools and knowlege to begin to play as a musician!

10% lecture/demonstration, 90% hands-on


Custom, one on one dance coaching available. Whether you're wanting to improve your veil technique, play finger cymbals or play them better, increase your on-stage confidence and/or overcome stage fright, or just tweak that routine you've been working on for best presentation; Zorba can help in a safe, no pressure environment. With over 20 years experience as a Belly Dancer, he's encountered just about every situation imaginable on-stage, and knows how to deal with it!

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