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Dancing a skirt dance in honor of my late father.

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Herein is chronicled Zorba's on-going voyage of discovery into the magical realm of Belly Dancing. Sometimes major events, more often just baby steps along the way. Presented here in reverse chronological order.

24 September 2022

I've been asked occasionally why this site doesn't have a "secure" (https) version. My response was simple: 1) There's nothing confidential on the site, "man in the middle" attacks wouldn't get any useful data, and 2) https loads slower.

With that said, when my hosting company offered a free https certificate, I took advantage of it. So now visitors can use the "secure" version: https://www.doubleveil.net - use it if you like. I'm not yet ready to force everyone to use https as there was some debugging and changes that had to be made to support the added protocol, but its there if you want it!

3 September 2022

A virtual performance in a virtual show which premiered today. Unfortunately, the show had sound problems, including in my segment, so I won't post it here as the hostess is going to fix and re-upload. However, my segment can be viewed Link opens in new window here. Not my best effort, too many T-Rex arms and stupid facials. The sound system gave me fits too - watch the outtakes at the end!

I'll post the revised full show URL here when its been fixed and re-uploaded - well worth watching!

27 August 2022

One of the two troupe videos is now up on Link opens in new window YooToob. I was about a half beat behind during the entire dance, and I don't know why...

13 August 2022

Performance. One that I didn't want to do. Dancing in a ballroom dance environment, I figured it would be full of stuffy old codgers that wouldn't appreciate our dance form and/or wouldn't appreciate a male in a dance form considered "feminine" (much less doing a skirt dance).

Well, I was wrong; I'm glad we did it, I'm glad I got a lesson to not draw premature conclusions.

We did two "Luna Habibi" troupe numbers, the veil piece (with a borrowed veil) and a new-to-us skirt dance which is a lot of fun. The skirt dance is derived from one that Mindy taught Jenn, et al years back. Then Jenn did two solos, and did them VERY well.

Our reception - and mine - was far warmer and enthusiastic than I expected or even dared hope for. Jenn taught them the Zaghareet so they'd know it was OK to make noise - this isn't the symphony! Not only did this audience full of ballroom dancers take it to heart and Zaghareet during our performances, they also figured it could be used for ballroom dance performances as well. The Zaghareets didn't stop for the entire rest of the show, regardless of who was dancing or what dance style they were presenting!

There was one couple who danced numerous times (It was a ballroom competition) who were AWESOME! They were "real", every movement was intentional, their joy wasn't faked, their dance was authentic in feeling, they were just fantastic! The kind of thing that Janette squawked at me about for years, that took me years to understand, and that I'm still working on in my own dance. I still have a long way to go in this regard, but I now know enough to know it when I see it!

There may be video and/or pix of our performances - I know there's a posed picture of the troupe at the very least. I'll post 'em when I get 'em!

6 August 2022

Bianca had an open house at her studio, all instructors - both in-house as well as "guest" (like me) were present to present short demo classes and performances. I did finger cymbals and Jenn did veil. A couple of pix added to the 2022 Gallery, as well as a very short video on Link opens in new window YooToob.

1 August 2022

I've been doing a bit of teaching over the last few weeks. Taught the first 2 weeks of a 4 week veil class under the auspices of Bianca, then Jenn took over and taught the second two weeks. Then I subbed for Jenn during her 3 week vacation, I taught veil twice (two different groups of students as it just happened to work out), as well as an "introduction to finger cymbals". On top of all that, I've been teaching a 5 week class in finger cymbals, also under the auspices of Bianca. A couple or three pix of these classes have been added to the 2022 Gallery. I'm really enjoying teaching finger cymbals - the students are enthusiastic even as they're realizing how darn HARD they are to master!

30 July 2022

It came to my attention that my links page hadn't been checked for broken links for over two years. This has now been done, with the usual deletions, fixes and "not working" notations for next time. If the page still doesn't work in a couple of years when I next check the links, it will be deleted permanently. Lost a lot of "good friends" this time around, some links that had been on this page for 20 years are now officially dead. This site (doubleveil.net) is now 20 years old. One of the links that has been present all this time is one for the site of a male dancer named "Zahir". Even 20 years ago, his site had a "in hiatus" placeholder page, and its still there! I don't think he's coming back to dance, but if anyone knows anything about this guy, I'd like to hear about it.


With this said, I'm always interested in articles about male Belly Dancers or male Belly Dancer's sites - if you know of any not listed, please contact me! Note: I will NOT link to facebook or similar sites.

ALSO: I have started an announcement-only listserv for very occasional use for things like "pix/vids just posted" as well as upcoming performances. Spam free, all addresses held in confidence, etc. If interested, please contact me!

23 July 2022


9 July 2022

Two performances. First was a reprise of the "Start Wearing Purple" skirt dance for a local seniors event. I always love dancing for seniors! Video on the way.

The second was for an upcoming virtual hafla on 8/20 which I "filmed" with a brand new Sony video cam! I can't post it until after the hafla premiers, but it took four takes, none of which were spectacular. Its hard dancing to an empty room!

29 June 2022

I've taught my veil workshop again, under the auspices of Bianca as 2 weeks of a 4 week veil class. Jenn is teaching the 2nd two weeks and I'm learning new stuff from her. Salute!

15 June 2022

Videos from all 3 acts I appeared in are now up. Very poor quality videos, but still watchable.

Link opens in new window Double Veil solo

Link opens in new window Op

Link opens in new window Start Wearing Purple skirt dance

12 June 2022

Pictures from last nite are up in the 2022 Gallery, including this rarely photographed pose from my double veil performance:

"Mary on the Half Shell"

11 June 2022

Performance! Another one of Bianca's soirees. First, I participated in a weird little troupe skirt number danced to a weird little song called "Start Wearing Purple" that I learned in a short term class with local Tribal teacher Heather. This had to be the stupidest song I've ever danced to - and I say that "in a good way" because it was so silly and fun! It was all we could do to keep from laughing our way through the entire performance! I danced it in a borrowed skirt and choli so I could have a purple outfit!

Later, anyone who knew Jenn's 2016 Shimmy Mob dance "Op", went up and performed that. Jenn herself was not able to be present this evening. Near the end, all dancers turn around, but the back row is supposed to turn all the way around while the front row only turns halfway. This results in the back row swapping places with the front briefly. I was the only dancer in the back row who turned all the way, so I was the only dancer who came forward when s/he was supposed to. Just to keep me from being too cocky, I did forget my arms - they were supposed to go up just before I backed up and the troupe resumed its former configuration!

Lastly, I did double veil to my favorite double veil song, "Goddess Dance" using my A'Kai "Rainbow Meltdown" silk half circle veils. All in all, it came out quite well if I do say so myself. Audience loved it.

I also need to give a shout out to Thalya who utterly NAILED her drum solo performance!

I have both pictures and video of all 3 of my performances, they'll be up shortly. The video needs some "cooking" before I upload it.

13 May 2022

Dunia has graciously given me permission to post her pair of 1992 instructional videos on youtube:

Link opens in new window In Step With Dunia

Link opens in new window Dunia's Secrets Unveiled

These are WELL worth the watch!

8 May 2022

Cruising the "wayback machine" (Internet archive) and found a pair of pix of the late Didi, so I snagged them and put them into her gallery. THEN I found a few more on the current web, so I put them in her gallery as well. I still miss her...

Also found this picture as a real film photo print, remember those?

Zorba @ Kalisa's in Monterey
29 October 2004 @ Kalisa's

Scanned it in and added it to both the Old Picture Gallery as well as the appropriate location in the 2004 Dairy.

17 March 2022

Pictures from the Spring Hafla have arrived, and are now in the 2022 Gallery.

26 February 2022

ABDC Spring Hafla - live! First time in 2 years. I did not do a solo, time limit is just too damn short for me to get excited about it - but I did dance "Op" with Luna Habibi and a gal named "Heather" had given a short workshop on a choreo that I also got up and blundered around with. Pix should be forthcoming...

22 February 2022

Now that I can post videos of "Mary Jane's Dance" on youtube, I uploaded 3 of them from the past:

Link opens in new window Desert Dance Festival 2005, my VERY first Big Festival performance!

Link opens in new window Carnival of Stars 2010, a few months after I got my "tramp stamp"!

Link opens in new window Mindy's class in 2013, Mindy was kind enough to ask me to dance for her class!

18 February 2022

After years of not being able to post videos of "Mary Jane's Dance" on youtube, apparently youtube came to an arrangement with the copyright holders of the music used. Therefore I was able to actually post the video of last weekend's performance: Link opens in new window Mary Jane's Dance 2022 Video

16 February 2022

The all new 2022 Gallery is now open for business, starting with pix from last weekend's veil duette with Jenn!

12 February 2022

Fooling around with a video editor, I slightly revised Thalya's video for Bianca's event by adding an unused sound clip from my "Reel of Years" promo video. I had to lengthen the video slightly to accomodate the sound. It turns out that if a video is uploaded to youtube, is vertical or square format, AND is less than something like about 1 minute long, it gets automatically converted into a low rez version called a "short", and is displayed in a loop in a frame that is even shaped like a smartphone. Apparently designed for smartphone idiots that cannot turn their phones sideways to compete with TikTok and Instagram. I want absolutely NOTHING whatsoever to do with smartphones, Instagram, TikTok or other nonsense. So I had three videos this had happened to. I changed two of them to horizontal with black bars format, and deleted the third. This video was the first:

Said event was tonite. Danced "Mary Jane's Dance" as a solo. Something goofy with the computer running the music, I ended up dancing to part of Jenn's music, then there was a long silence, then mine came on. As sound problems go, this was beyond minor! Used my pink/fuchsia swirl veil for this dance.

Then danced the Luna Habibi veil dance with Jenn (with a new 4 yard vari-colored blue veil). The fact that it was a duette instead of the full troupe meant a couple of minor last minute changes were made. It was "ok", but I made plenty of mistakes - I'm not particularly happy about my performance here.

Pix incoming, possibly some video as well...

29 January 2022

A non-performance. An outdoor performance I was originally supposed to dance at. Between not being rehearsed for the troupe dances due to my extended recuperation from the CCP virus, coupled with unexpected de-scoping of our performance by the event organizers, resulted in my not dancing - although Jenn and dance sister Liz did.

Goddess Athena was looking after me - this event was outdoors in 50 degree weather with a gusting 10 to 15 knot wind. Even colder than an event in Monterey years back with Janette that was also freezing cold. I attended as the designated "Booth Bitch" while they were up dancing. With veils. They did a fantastic job with the veils as dancing with them is always a challenge outdoors, never mind with that much wind. I'm very proud of them both! Link opens in new window YouTube Video of high wind veil dance!

They also did "Hely Meli", also with a Link opens in new window YouTube Video!

And ended with "Op", which was joined by Thayla with her troupe; and briefly by Bianca who had to withdraw as she discovered that she had injured herself during her own performance! Link opens in new window YouTube Video!

Zaira and her troupe performed as well. An unexpected performance by Tambil was a special treat!

1 January 2022

Thanx to Nadirah Johara, I had a very nice beach sequence filmed for promotional purposes. So I combined it with several excerpts from many years to create a Demo Reel, aka "Reel of Years". It was quite a bit of work to get this done, and being as I was - and as I write this still am - sick with the CCP virus, I'm sick to death of this thing although I'm proud of it at the same time:

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