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A Few Resources

A few links I've found useful:

Link opens in new window Wrangler TJ Forum. 99% of what I know about this thing came from the helpful folks on this forum!

Link opens in new window Black Magic Brakes. THE source for Jeep TJ brake upgrades. Now includes "Wizard Recovery Gear"

Link opens in new window Arizona Rocky Road. Made the overhead radio mount I used for the GMRS and Ham radios.

Link opens in new window Searchers 4WD. In NOLA. Made the greatly enhanced solenoid mount for my M8000 winch.

Link opens in new window OTRATTW. Custom switches that I've thus far used for the front and rear fog lites. Fantastic quality.

Link opens in new window Davey's Jeeps. The go to place for salvage Jeep parts. They're proud of their parts, they're not cheap, but they are good. When you need something *NOW*, they have it, they'll ship it quick, and it'll be in good condition when you get it.

Link opens in new window Equipment Listing. Plug your Jeep's VIN into this page, and it'll give you the original build sheet for it.

Link opens in new window Access Panel. I may or may not install one of these, but it seems to me to be a great idea that should have been factory equipment. It permits accessing the top of the gas tank without having to drop same.

Link opens in new window Bottle Jack Buddy. Overpriced for what it is, but such a good idea that I bought one anyway.

Link opens in new window Gold Coast Distributing on eBay. Makes stock style switches that fit the TJ's built-in switch panel. Many different legends available. Their only drawback is that they're not illuminated like the stock switches are, but they're otherwise great switches, fit perfectly, and are good quality. I installed them for my air compressor and inverter.

Link opens in new window LED H3 Foglite Bulbs.

Link opens in new window TRE Tactical Recovery Equipment. These folks are NOT cheap. But they are the best at what they do. Synthetic winch rope, safety thimbles, super light weight snatch blocks, and other winching and recovery gear.

Link opens in new window Next Venture Motorsports. If you are going to use your rear bumper for recovery operations, or tow a trailer with it, you need a "Rear bumper frame tie in kit". There are a number of them on the market, this one one of the best as the nuts are supplied with carriers to both add strength and vastly simplify installation.

Link opens in new window 12 Volt Guy. Hand makes winch switch control panels for Jeeps, 'yotas, and other 4WD vehicles. Fairly priced, VERY well thought out, but lead times are long as he's a one man shop and doesn't seem to answer emails so there's no real way to contact him other than placing an order. Still, his product is so nice that I recommend him anyway - he's worth the wait (about 12 weeks per his website).

Link opens in new window Winch Service Parts. If you have a WARN winch and need parts, these are the folks to buy them from. Far cheaper than anyone else I've found, great service!

Link opens in new window Battery Cables USA. Not just for batteries, I used their cable for winch power. Made to spec in Kentucky, shipped fast, great pricing!

Link opens in new window Jeep Hardware Dot Com. I haven't yet dealt with these folks, but they seem to have all the bolts, nuts, and similar hardware used on Jeeps. Some hardware is oddball sizes and not easy to find, they have it at what looks like good prices.

Link opens in new window StreetRays. They make all sorts of lift kits, winch mounts, and similar for trucks and Jeeps. I used their seat lift kit. Note: You may be better off checking their eBay store vs. buying directly from their website.

Link opens in new window The Cruise Control Store. Bought my aftermarket Rostra cruise control here. Good folks to work with!

Link opens in new window Crown OPDA on Amazon. For '05/'06 4.0 6 cylinder engines ONLY.

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