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Link opens in new window Lana is an exceptionally talented lady who not only is one of the most superb dancers I've ever seen, but is also an exceptional muralist and has all of us in "jealous" fits over her to-die-for costumes. I don't even have the requisite anatomy for her costumes, and I'm still (good naturedly) jealous!

She painted this mural in Janette's studio (Be sure to scroll sideways to see it all).

Artwork at Janette's

Take another look at the male dancer and myself:

Artwork at Janette's Zorba's Earrings

As you might expect, there's a story here. When the mural was first going up, I complained good naturedly to Janette about the lack of a male Belly Dancer. This one suddenly appeared. While he looks little like me (looking perhaps, a bit more elegant (and I love his eyes and his hands!)), it turns out that he's wearing a pair of earrings that used to belong to Lana, and now belong to me!

I had bought the earrings at Jamaica's store a couple of years earlier. Shortly afterwards, I was wearing them at Kalisa's on a Friday nite. A Belly Dancer who I didn't know at the time (it was Lana), kept looking at me. I thought to myself, "Why does she keep looking at me?". She finally asked me "Where did you get those earrings?" "I got them from Jamaica.", I replied. "I thought so", she responded, "I turned those in a few weeks ago!" Ever since then, I've called them "Lana's Green Glass Dangles", and I wear them frequently with one of my Belly Dance costumes, as well as in mundane life. They're one of my favorites.

Update 2020: Unfortunately, this mural no longer exists. Janette retired in 2018, and closed her studio. The space was then rented to a pole dance instructor - who reportedly painted over the mural with white paint. I don't understand anyone who could destroy such beauty - the mural certainly wasn't incompatible with a pole dance class IMHO...

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