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The Tuner Returns

26 July 2006

1918 Hobart M. Cable Piano
The action, removed several days ago, returns
with its hammers reshaped. Don't they look nice!

1918 Hobart M. Cable Piano
The Piano Smith himself, complete with neck-noose! Smile!

1918 Hobart M. Cable Piano
Action back in, and all retuned.

Regulation tool
An antique tool that was "the right price" on eBay - used for regulating the let off buttons.

Pin Extractor
A tool I hope I never need (but probably will eventually),
an action pin extractor (With extra extraction "needle").

The "Piano Smith", returned to re-tune after a 6 month settling time. The beast was about 8 cents flat across the board - pretty good all things considered. He had also taken the action away several days previously to reshape the hammers. He also rebushed several action flanges that were shot and reglued one felt that had decided to fall off.

The instrument sounds wonderful - intonation is improved vastly with the hammer reshape. I sure learned a LOT in talking with him while he went about his work. He just loves his craft, and gave me quite an education! Gently correcting me when I had a wrong idea, teaching me how to hear partials, and advising me on various aspects of work needing done.

I still intend to rebush the keys next, I'll get the "stuff" on order in the next day or two. He also advised that I replace the damper felts - an easy enough, but time consuming job. I have a quantity of the kind in the treble, but will have to buy some for the bass. Besides, looking at the first picture on this page, those dampers have GOTTA go! They look ugly next to those nice clean hammers!



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