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De-bushing complete - an update.

14 October 2006

1918 Hobart M. Cable Piano
Another attempt a picture - unbleached (top) and bleached (bottom) ivories.

1918 Hobart M. Cable Piano
Keys all over my library!

1918 Hobart M. Cable Piano
Piano empty of keys once again.

De-bushing is completed. Bleaching continues. It turns out it really is taking about forty eight hours to bleach a batch of six keys instead of the twenty four reported earlier. Slowing the process further is the fact that I'm "losing" virtually every ivory tail piece in the process and am having to re-glue same. No big deal, a few need clamping but most just glue back on no problems. Although the top picture does a better job of showing bleached vs non-bleached keys, the difference in real life is far more dramatic!

This said, I've learned to accept about a 95% bleach job, getting the occasional key beyond that point is almost impossible and the difference between 95% and 100% is virtually undetectable. The keys will need re-polishing once the bleaching is completed but I think they'll really look good.

All the dust has been re-vacuumed from the keybed. My wife had an interesting theory as to why I was getting all the dust out of the action - "Geez Honey, you've been playing that thing a lot!".

I finally found a source of solid brass capstans at an outrageous price, so those are supposedly on the way...

The story continues!



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