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Piano Action Model Work.

23 July 2007

Piano Action Model
The PAM as delivered.

Piano Action Model
The PAM after modification.

Piano Action Model
Note newly installed back rail and felt - and damper felt.

Piano Action Model
Hammer tripped.

You know how sometimes you just need to get a "round tuit" - I've had this PAM (Piano Action Model) since last November, and it took me all of 15 minutes total to fix what ailed it. The guy who made it neglected to install a back rail, the result was an unregulateable mess (top photo). I fabricated a back rail, screwed it into place, and glued on a scrap of back rail felt to make it complete.

While I was at it, I installed the recently removed damper head/felt from the over-damper job onto the model, and re-regulated the whole thing. The damper was at the wrong angle, the spoon was cocked off to one side, and of course the capstan was screwed way out in an attempt to eliminate almost ½" of lost motion due to the lack of a back rail! Looking at these pictures, I realize I need to adjust the damper angle slightly - and it either needs a new jack spring, or the jack flange bushing needs to be eased.

But these minor quibbles aside, the model now works correctly for the first time in its evidently long history - and looks great! Not bad for $65 and 15 minutes.

Update: Fixed! Tweaked the damper angle and the jack flange bushing needed easing - I used my flange pin remover to push the pin out, work the felt a bit with a thin pin, and press it back together. The whole action needed regulating (No surprise there since its previous state had made any meaningful regulation impossible), letoff was about ½", the catcher and backcheck never made contact, the backcheck wasn't squared to the catcher, blah, blah. As a result, no repetition. After a quick regulation, it seems to work fine - certainly a lot better! This was probably like an initial regulation of a new piano at the factory.



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