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A 90th Birthday Present!

1 January 2008

1918 Hobart M. Cable Piano
Closeup of the Pedals...

1918 Hobart M. Cable Piano
Previously fabricated brass plate. Both plate and screws have been clear-coated.

1918 Hobart M. Cable Piano

1918 Hobart M. Cable Piano
Overall view

1918 Hobart M. Cable Piano
With bench in place. Dresses the old girl up a bit!

As the exact date of manufacture in 1918 is unknown, one reverts to the "yearling" concept. So today its officially 90 years old, and deserving of a little birthday present! Something to dress it up a little.

I've been playing with voicing a bit, cautiously trying to get the first note above the break (C#-29) to sound a bit less strident. I've had some success, but am going very slow. Although the finish rejuvenation was a success, I still want to add some clear lacquer - the wood is looking a bit thirsty (see bottom photo). The dampers are pretty good, but not perfect so I need to play with their regulation a bit more.

Other than that, I'm playing it almost every day, and am enjoying it!



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