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18 May 2008

Action Jig
Used just yesterday, the action jig as it was...

Action Jig
An earlier photo shows the action in it.

Action Jig
Modified Jig.

Action Jig
Folds flat for easier storage! Yes dear, I'll sweep up the sawdust! wink!

Action Jig
Action in jig

Action Jig
Closeup of hinge. Probably the only action jig
in the universe with a Belly Dancer depicted thereon!

Action Jig
Closeup of action clamping nuts. I have wingnuts for this "somewhere"...

Action Jig
Overall view from other side.

The action jig I built on 12 February 2006 has served me well, but yesterday's work reminded me of what a PITA it is to store with those allthread rods sticking up and catching on everything. I dug around in my "tuit" box, and found a round one; so I made the depicted mods so it will be easier to store. I removed the wooden back brace that wasn't needed anyway, and cut it up to make the hinged support arms seen here. Now I just need to find the wingnuts I obtained for holding the action in place, where in tarnation did I put them?

At plus 24 hours, the voicing seems to be holding. I was a bit concerned that it would go away as the hammers dried out - but apparently not (knock on wood).



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