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Annual Tuning.

18 July 2008

Hammer Assortment
Assortment of hammers for voicing practice.

Piano Smith at Casbah
My piano tuner and wife at a Belly Dance performance!

The Piano Smith returns to perform the now annual tuning! As always, he did a great job - and was kind enough to do a bit of voicing on the rather strident hammers immediately above the break; and to bring me a few scrap hammers so I can practice/experiment with voicing without worrying about hammer destruction. I had only wanted/needed any old junk hammers - he brought me a collection of very nice ones, including a couple which are obviously brand new!

The report: Tuning continues to settle in, rather than the 16 cents it was flat last time, this time it was only 8. He noted that the keyboard needed re-leveling again - something I had noticed also and wanted to ask him about. The center rail felts continue to compact. Then he noticed a bit of a clack from a couple of keys - after playing around with it for a bit, it appears the most likely culprit is bad felt on the bottoms of the stickers of the notes involved. Probably compacted, possibly worn through. I'll be doing an inspection, and most likely replacing this felt. Of course, that then means I get to tweak with lost motion regulation again after the new felt is in place!



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