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A long awaited update.

8 January 2020

1918 Hobart M. Cable Piano
New House, New State, New life.

1918 Hobart M. Cable Piano
Freshly tuned, practice mute temporarily removed.

Its been better than 8 years since this series of articles was last updated. Much has happened, yet little has with the piano. It breezed through its 100th birthday without incident, and is now 102 years old as I write this!

It was tuned every year, and every year it would be approximately 5-8 cents flat, very predictable! Kept right on tuning it through 2015 with these results. It was not tuned in 2016 as by then I knew I would be moving to Florida in 2017. After it was moved in the spring of 2017 all the way from California to Florida, it was given approximately six months to "settle out", then a new tuner was called.

I expected it to be off more than the usual because it had been 2 years since it was tuned. To my moderate surprise, it was still only about 8 cents flat across the board. Then the real surprise came. When it was tuned again in late 2018, and then once more at the very beginning of 2020 (8 Jan, I had to wait several weeks to get an appointment) both of these times the instrument was basically in tune. Today's tuning report: A was EXACTLY at 440hz, and the rest of the instrument just needed tweaking and touching up. The piano tuner here explained that Florida is very kind to pianos!

So what's next? I'm now retired, and am still contemplating rebushing the action, but the new tuner has told me that it isn't really bad. He'd like to see me re-string it and hang new hammers on it instead - so that's probably what I'll do in the next couple of years. He's going to "get me started" on the re-string - showing me the correct way to form the beckets, and loaning me his tilter! However, I'm pretty sure I'm going to leave the job of hanging new hammers to him. Then I'll see about rebushing the action. He complimented me on my damper work too.

In the meantime, he pointed out some deficiencies in my action regulation - between my being an amateur doing it for the first time, added to it having been several years and new felts have settled in and compacted, it needs to be done again. I also had keydip set too deep. So I'm going to play with that some too as I still need to wait a couple of years before I can do major work for reasons I'm not going to post on the Internet. I'll be posting updates here when they happen - whenever that may be!



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