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Parts are here! Today, the piano cabinet is cleaned and oiled, new rail felts
(The felt pads under the key levers) are installed, and the keybed is leveled.

9 July 2005

1918 Hobart M. Cable
My lovely wife attacks the piano with Murphy's Wood Soap.

1918 Hobart M. Cable
It was so dirty that we had to change the water mid-way!

1918 Hobart M. Cable
Here it is, cleaned and ready for Orange oil.

1918 Hobart M. Cable
Reassembled after application of oil. Isn't it pretty!

1918 Hobart M. Cable
Ok, tear it apart yet again, remove the keyboard. Many of the front rail felts are badly deteriorated.

1918 Hobart M. Cable
Old felts removed, some new paper shims installed. The paper shims will be shuffled around during key leveling.
But look! While removing the felts, I discovered a "secret compartment"! The old player controls were
located under a hinged board in front of the keys! No secret to anyone who knows players, but as I don't,
it was sure a surprise to me! The levers in front move mechanisms inside - I'm going to try to use one
of them to control the practice mute (when it arrives, that is).

I also removed the remaining thin board in front of the keys, and sure enough, there was a 1941 dime!

1918 Hobart M. Cable
All the new felts installed, ready for keyboard reinstallation.

1918 Hobart M. Cable
Keyboard reinstalled, and mostly releveled. Now I need to install the new (used) ivories and
finish leveling.

I also did a bit more cleaning, and removed more player bits that were in the way.



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