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Building an action jig. Much like the brightening tool, I wish I'd had this earlier!

12 February 2006

Action Jig
I used 4 of the tuning pins that came with that eBay tool kit I bought.

Action Jig
These serve as the ball headed bolts to support the action.

Action Jig
Backbored the bottom for...

Action Jig
The all thread rod that supports the upper action.

Action Jig
Side view. Note stablizing supports on this side.

Action Jig
Close-up. I simply clamp the upper action between two nuts. I can adjust the position as needed.

Total cost $8, for the all thread rod, although it would benefit from some nylock nuts and larger washers. Next time I go to the hardware store! The result is surprisingly stable - I wasn't sure about the all-thread rod being strong enough, but its fine. I can now work on the action without all the weird contortions I've been going through, such as when I replaced the bridle straps!

The wood was left over from the construction of our garage, the tuning pins we've already discussed, and the 1X2 backbrace (not really necessary) had come in the packaging with the practice mute as a protective measure!

Tuning seems to be holding well!

Update: See this page for later modifications.



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