Zorba, Male Belly Dancer

Henna Design How to Play Finger Cymbals Henna Design

How To Play Finger Cymbals by Harry Saroyan and Mesmera

Zorba Rating: Solid Zill Picture Solid Zill Picture Solid Zill Picture Solid Zill Picture Solid Zill Picture

1999, DVD Logo VHS Logo, run time 1 hour.

Mesmera's Zill Video
Shira has a review of this video, which I pretty much agree with. Click here for Link opens in new window Shira's review.

What I liked about the video:

Shows us how to play Zills in a nice format. Mesmera shows us how to hold them and gives us tips for wearing them. It includes a performance by Mesmera in a nice costume. Although Mesmera faces the camera while teaching, she often crosses her arms so the viewer's right matches her's.

The video is now available in both VHS and DVD. YAY!

What I didn't like about the video:

There isn't much to dislike. Any video could always be longer, teach more, etc. I can wholeheartedly recommend it - IF video Zill instruction is what you're looking for. I prefer CD based Zill instruction such as Link opens in new window Zills on Fire.

You can purchase this video from Link opens in new window Saroyan's WebSite.

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