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Unlike my other mini-reviews, I'm going to break my rating down a bit:

Overall Zorba Rating: Solid Zill Picture Solid Zill Picture Solid Zill Picture Solid Zill Picture ghost Zill Picture

Cory's Dancing:          Solid Zill Picture Solid Zill Picture Solid Zill Picture Solid Zill Picture Solid Zill Picture

Production Quality:    Solid Zill Picture Solid Zill Picture Solid Zill Picture ghost Zill Picture ghost Zill Picture

2004, DVD Logo (apparently region free), run time 87 minutes.

Cory Zamora Dances for You Video
Cory Zamora is a long time dancer and instructor in Fresno California who has produced several instructional videos and this performance video.

Disclaimer: I've exchanged numerous emails with Ms. Zamora as she has taught several male dancers at her studio in Fresno, although I cannot claim to know her well. She sent me this video as an unsolicited gift, I suspect because she knows I'm a sucker for veilwork! Smile!

The video is divided into 9 un-named chapters, with an accompanying graphic to show us what to expect. And indeed, the graphic is correct - unfortunately, the chapters jump right into the middle of a dance (with one exception), instead of a logical location between dances. This, plus some rather abrupt changes and little snippets here and there show a lack of editing.

With the exception of (what should be) chapter 8 (which is outside), all footage is shot inside a rather nice looking cabaret. As it is a "live" performance, much of it is on the dark side, but fortunately, not too dark to see Cory's dancing. The camera work is rudimentary at best, with a tendency towards "Monkey Cam" in the beginning, but as the video progresses, the camera work gets better. By the time the camera follows Cory around collecting tips, it is of decent technique. I can forgive the Monkey Cam in this instance as this is obviously a compendium of many performances - you take what you can get! Plus, we're refreshingly spared MTV-esque camerawork for the most part.

Cory is an old-school dancer who has been dancing for many years - and it shows! Her dancing is stellar and I find it very inspirational. Very sharp and precise hipwork, veilwork of a level that I am only JUST beginning to brush the "bottom side" of, very smooth and flowy dance technique, world class arms, and great Zilling! I'm a big fan of both veilwork and floorwork - and Ms. Zamora shows us how it should be done!

Update:Cory contacted me via email and tells me that the band in this video was one that she had never worked with before and she didn't know what was coming up next!

I am in awe of any dancer who keeps her zills on all the time, including while doing veilwork. Having done just a little bit of "veil whilst wearing zills" myself, I understand the skill level involved. She also shows us veilwork out of doors - which is always a tricky proposition regardless of how still the air seems.

Dancers everywhere will recognize most of Cory's music. From John Bilzekjian to Solace, Cory dances a classic cabaret dance to it. One portion features popular American music - something I generally don't care for in Belly Dance as it is very hard to dance a convincing dance to such. Cory is an exception, she shows us she can dance to anything and look good doing it! I recognized a Def Leppard tune (From my daughter's teenage years), but was not familiar with the rest of the popular stuff.

What I liked about this video:

Cory's wonderful dancing! What can I say? Smile! Her technique is flawless. If you like classical cabaret Belly Dance by an exceptional dancer, this video is for you!

Its a DVD! YAY!

While there are some production problems, sound isn't one of them. The music can be heard clearly, Cory's zills also, but without overpowering, and the audience can be heard, but at a lower level that doesn't overpower the music or zills.

What I didn't like about this video:

In order: Bad editing, lackluster camerawork, and a bit too dark in places. Still, I've seen worse darkness in far "better" produced videos.

You can purchase this video from Link opens in new window Cory's WebSite.

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