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Veils Vol. 3, The Scarf Tie by Cory Zamora

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2006, DVD Logo region free, run time approximately 56 minutes.

Instructional Level: Intermediate/advanced.

Veils Vol. 3, The Scarf Tie Video
Cory Zamora is a long time dancer and instructor in Fresno California who has produced several instructional videos. This one demonstrates and teaches a veil wrap called the "Scarf Tie", with Zills (finger cymbals).

Disclaimer: I've exchanged numerous emails with Ms. Zamora as she has taught several male dancers at her studio in Fresno, although I cannot claim to know her well. She sent me this video as an unsolicited gift, knowing my love of veilwork.

Like all of Cory's videos, this is a no-frills, no-nonsense, get the job done production.

Cory starts out by introducing herself, and telling us a bit about the video. She says this is the "topless, bra-less, no man-bra needed veil tie, suitable for both men and women". She also tells us she will be playing Zills throughout the video. A nice touch: she tells us about the music she's using so we can go buy it if we want to.

Instruction begins with a review of steps used in previous videos in this series. Cory wears a red leotard in this portion. Video quality, lighting, and sound are very good. Cory's demonstrations are clear, and the camera points where it needs to.

Cory then grabs a (purple) veil, and proceeds to show us how the "Scarf Tie" is wrapped. Its a bit complicated, but she shows us how to wrap it clearly. She also mentions several dancers who she is particularly demonstrating this for, including some obscure dancer called "Zorba, in Monterey"! grin!

Next, we are shown the fingering - how to hold a veil while wearing Zills. And then she shows us in detail how to "pullout", or unwrap, of the Scarf Tie wrap - what fingers to use, what move is suggested, and what to do with the veil. Nice and slow. You'll want to watch this segment more than once, but its all here.

Her unwrap is non-trivial - it will take a good amount of practice to get it right, particularly if wearing Zills. I'm sure there are ways to simplify the unwrapping, but her method shown here allows for maximum possibilities. She shows humor here saying "I know some of you hate that!" in reference to a "peek-a-boo" move she executes mid unwrap!

Once Cory is out of the Scarf Tie wrap, she then continues to demonstrate a few more possible veil moves that work in the same spirit as the unwrapping.

Then we get to see the whole thing, set to music. Cory talks while performing to help explain (again) what she's doing.

And guess what? She does a second demonstration, similar to the first - but this time she's dancing more and then continues to dance after the unwrap is complete, giving instruction on the fly as she does so.

Next, she shows us a variation of the Scarf Tie that she calls the "Covered Wagon". This wrap is not necessarily as unisex as the first as it needs something across the shoulder to tuck it under. As before, she shows us how to best unwrap it and what moves work well - both while unwrapping and afterwards.

A third (unnamed) variation is shown next. As before, she shows us how to wrap it, and then how to unwrap it with suggested moves. She even shows a variation on the variation if the dancer is wearing sleeves. As with the "Covered Wagon", this wrap needs something across the shoulder to tuck it under.

Performances by Cory and her male student Gregory, featuring the Scarf Tie, come next. I always like seeing an in-costume performance of the subject matter being taught, and having two dancers perform it is a bonus. These performances were not staged for this video, but pulled from Cory's archives. Overall, they are well filmed; but there is a small amount of "Monkey-Cam" in Cory's performance, and a fair amount more during Gregory's. The camerawork isn't as good during Gregory's segment as it is with Cory's. It comes a bit too close from time-to-time, and there are intermittent lighting issues. However Gregory does move around quite a bit, it would be hard for any cameraman to keep up with him!

On the other hand, the sound in these segments is very good - something that doesn't always happen when filming "live". The music (live for Cory, CD for Gregory) can be heard well, without overwhelming Cory's/Gregory's Zills. Zills can be very tricky to record.

Some people will love the performance segment, others will find it too long as it shows a LOT more than just dealing with the Scarf Tie veil wrap. Personally, I like it.

What I liked about this video:

Cory's clear instruction, good demonstrations, wonderful movements and good lighting so we can see what she's doing. Her dance skill, and her skill with her veil whilst wearing Zills is impressive. Editing and camera work are quite good.

Its a DVD! YAY! For some reason I particularly like the cover artwork on this one, Cory looks very svelte and happy!

What I didn't like about this video:

The production values in this video are greatly improved over some of Cory's earlier videos (some of which she is talking about re-shooting) - to the point of being quite good. I'd like to see some more chapterization of the instruction segment. She teaches a LOT in a short period of time, it would be nice to be able to jump straight to the Scarf Tie wrapping demonstration, the unwrap demonstration, the two demonstrations with music, the "Covered Wagon" tie, etc. A nit.

The above mentioned issues with the camerawork during Gregory's performance while understandable/excusable, still aren't likable. Another nit - this video is about teaching, the performances are bonus material.

You can purchase this video from Link opens in new window Cory's WebSite.

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