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Ultimate Veil Lesson by Cory Zamora

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2009, DVD Logo region free, run time approximately 45 minutes.

Instructional Level: Advanced.

Ultimate Veil Lesson Video
Cory Zamora is a long time dancer and instructor in Fresno California who has produced several instructional videos. This one demonstrates and teaches three different veil wraps called the "Grecian Tie", the "My Tie", and the "Duchess Tie", each while wearing finger cymbals.

Disclaimer: I've exchanged numerous emails with Ms. Zamora as she has taught several male dancers at her studio in Fresno. I've taken several of her workshops as well. I purchased this video at one of her Santa Cruz workshops.

Like all of Cory's videos, this is a no-frills, no-nonsense, get the job done production. Don't expect fancy sets, or fancy camerawork, but its well lit and the sound quality is quite good - its all that's truly needed in an instructional video.

Cory starts out by introducing herself, telling us a bit about the video - and how a veil section fits into a traditional American Cabaret routine. She also promises to go over the basic steps she uses for veilwork and how to work the veil whilst wearing Zills.

She starts with a veil wrap she calls the "Duchess". She explains how this wrap has its origins in the late 1960s, where it was "tuck it, swing it around, wad it, and stuff it". The lack of science often resulted in a veil disaster, so she reverse engineered it so that when the veil was put on in a specific way, it could be removed in a predictable fashion.

She then performs with the wrap (already) on; and, as is usual for Cory, wearing Zills. She's wearing a black leotard - but unlike some previous videos, she has put on a fringe scarf. thumbs-up! This helps tremendously in the student being able to see what she's doing, as well as giving her (Cory) a more realistic way to tuck the veil.

Afterwards, she does a review of a couple of the moves she just used in the demonstration - and then (most importantly) how to wrap the "Duchess" veil tie. It is complex, but everything has been thought out in advance. She takes her time explaining each step of the wrap in a very clear manner. Lastly, she puts on her Zills - she does not go into a lot of detail about veil with Zills, the student is assumed to have gained this from Cory's earlier videos (or elsewhere). She does explain briefly that she plays Zildjian Zills, and how she sets up their elastics.

In a similar detailed manner, she then walks through "pullout", or unwrap. She details what fingers to use, what move is suggested, and what to do with the veil. Nice and slow. Since this veil wrap is non-trivial, the unwrap must be also. You'll want to watch this segment more than once, but its all here. She even details a couple of places that can be problematic, and what to do about them; including tricky parts dealing with the Zills and veil together.

She suggests that the student may want to "rewind me" to go through getting the wrap on, then performs it to music, this time talking us through it.

Very similar sections for the other two wraps follow. The "My Tie" (named thus because it was invented by Cory herself), and the "Grecian". Very quick to write this, but much longer on the video itself!

The last 60 seconds are devoted to Cory thanking us for watching, and that if this happened to be the first of her veil DVDs that the viewer had seen - "oooh - sorry if it was too hard, you really need to start with the earlier videos!". True enough! smile! She then tells us what music was used on the video.

What I liked about this video:

Cory's clear instruction, good demonstrations, wonderful movements and good lighting so we can see what she's doing. Her dance skill, and her skill with her veil whilst wearing Zills is impressive. Editing and camera work are quite good.

She uses a different color veil for each of the 3 sections, and identifies them on the DVD cover. Although this technique was more useful in the VHS tape days, it still helps the student figure out if the wrong button has been poked on the DVD player and suddenly a different section that what was intended is showing. Cool!

She also tells us what music was used on the video.

What I didn't like about this video:

The production values in this video are quite good. The demonstration/wrap setup/un-wrap talk through for each wrap are chapterized in this video (accessible through your player's arrow buttons), but these sub-chapters are not in the menu. A nit.

I always like to see an in-costume performance of the instructional matter being presented. This is not a feature of this particular video unlike some of Cory's others where it is. The performances are there, just not in costume. Another nit.

Now for the micro-nit: The three ties are listed on the back of the DVD cover in the order "Grecian", "My Tie", and "Duchess", although they actually appear in opposite order on the DVD itself.

You can purchase this video from Link opens in new window Cory's WebSite.

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