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Henna Design Could Belly Dance Save The World? Henna Design

This is a half serious, half humorous article that is definitely from the "pie in the sky" department; yet if we cannot save the world through Belly Dance in any practical manner, we at least can do our part to make it a better place through our art.

Picture everyone being a truly dedicated Belly Dancer. What would be the ramifications of this? They might include:

  • A huge increase of spiritual awareness - without the negativity of any one particular religion (usually monotheistic) trying to suppress all others.
  • A universal self-esteem. No body image problems (for either gender) as our art-form is accepting of all body types, and brings out the inner beauty of all.
  • Men, as well as women, would have 'permission' to be beautiful, graceful and joyous.
  • Far fewer bad backs, and other aches and pains. Far better cardiovascular health. Far less arthritis.
  • Far less emphasis on competitive sports and other forms of organized violence. Our competitiveness originates from within.
  • In that vein, lower taxes and far cheaper higher education - by not having to support sporting facilities. Dance floors are far easier and cheaper to construct. Go look at virtually any school in America, from the junior high level through the university. What is the biggest, most expensive building on campus? It only exists to serve a few, yet is paid for by everyone. Why?
  • An end of war. Problems could be worked out by dance competitions at Rakkasah! Besides, who would want to harm a dance sister or dance brother?
Men could even still be "men". "Honey, I'm going down to the bar to watch the Belly Dance competitions with the guys."

"Ok pal, you call that a Maia!?! Here, hold my beer and let me show you how to do it!". "Ok, both you guys: That Maia is good enough, but dude! Where's your isolation? Gimme that beer - REAL men balance their beer on their heads while doing Maias!"

Around the water cooler Monday morning: "Did you see so-and-so on the tube last nite? His/her shimmy was to die for!","Yea, I'm off to the studio after work today to try to get those stomach flutters down."

In reference to my Gender Rant, clothing would certainly be nicer and more comfortable, even when not dancing. 'Dubya' would trade his necktie for some nice Henna on his hands! "Hey Tom, let me borrow your veil - I'm going to the company dance workout at noon and forgot mine!", "Bill, are you kidding? I gonna trounce you at that competition next week and need my veil for practice today. Besides, you don't like silk - ask Marguerite, she always has a couple extra of those chiffon 4 yarders you like!".

Easier to get to know each other: "Who's your Belly Dance instructor?", or "I'm rooting for the Silk Sheiks Dance Company!" "Silk Sheiks?!?, are you crazy - those guys can't do floor work worth a darn!" "Hey, that's old news, ever since they traded George & Melissa to Flowers of the Desert in exchange for Maglah, their floor work has improved dramatically. They'll probably go all the way to Rakkasah next year! Besides, they get first round draft pick this year."

More seriously, there would certainly be a far greater amount of joy in the world. "I'm going down to the studio to dance off this after-work frustration!"

How about fewer eating disorders? Not as much over-eating "Thanx George, but I'll pass on the third helping of that chocolate cake - I won't be able to fit into my new costume!" And less anorexia as well - no unrealistic body expectations!

And I'm certainly convinced that ALL women who wish to bear children should learn Belly Dance - this is obvious even to a male like me! And in today's coed delivery rooms - the husband could be bedside undulating, "Like this honey!".

I sure could think of far worse fates than to have Belly Dance take over the world! Smile!

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